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Internet safety day, February 7th 2018

On Internet Safety Day, pupils in the school had lessons in class abouthow to use the internet safely and responsibly. A parent came in to teach us how to be safe online.  Here are some tips to be safe first.

  • Only use sites which are designed for your age group.  There is an age limit for a very good reason.
  • Never tell anyone your passwords
  • Be careful what you information you give on line.
  • Always check friend requests, only speak to people you know and trust.
  • Never, talk to, meet or give information to anyone you do not know.
  • Let an adult know if you are suspicious about anything.

Roman feast P3/4

The P3/4s had a Roman feast and they decorated their classroom so it looks like a room in Roman times. For their feast they had bread,olives,humus and meat and it looked so good. They pretended to be emperors and slaves. The emperors lay on cushions while the slaves brought them food.


At the school assembly the pupils  learned about resilience and how to take on a challenge .This assembly launched the resilience programme which the whole school will be doing  for the next  3 years .  The pupils will have lots of activities to do and they will be sharing there experiences at future assemblies.


Pupils and staff have had a great Christmas season.   Longstone Christmas fair started the fun.  Thank you to PALs for organising everything and thank you to everyone who came along. Pupils made decorations and decorated the hall Christmas tree.  There have been parties happening, lots of Christmas activities and lots of fun. A pantomime company  performed Sleeping Beauty, and entertained both pupils and staff and had everyone laughing.  Nice dance moves Mr Hawkey and Miss McGill!!Christmas Fair (19)