Former Pupils 1960s

Some of our Former Pupils have been in touch and we have collated what they have sent to us.

Please leave a comment if you are a former pupil



Jackie Bryce

Hello auld yins! I attended Longstone Primary in the 60’s, and I remember quite a lot of pupils. In particular, Robert Bourne, I remember when you emigrated we used to keep in touch. I lived in Redhall Road, and hated when I left the school. Lots of memories, and I am enjoying reading them

Rob Bourne

Hi, I attended Longstone from 1960-1963. We lived in Redhall Drive and then moved to Australia in early 63. Lot’s of memories but I struggle to remember names. Great website.

Paul Martin

Remember Yvonne Crawford there ! I was at Longstone 1965-1972. Teachers Miss Dickson, Mr Cant, Mrs Barclay…headmasters Mr Welsh, Mr Blackwood (only one who belted me in 7 years there), Mr Chapelle. Friends and classmates from then…John Hobson, Martin Lister, Charles Young, Paul Girdwood, Gary Noble, Stuart Strong, Stewart Sadler, James Dow, Robert Moffat, Carol Syme, Diane Hanlon, Linda Ponton, Heather Smart, Neil Cummings and many others. And of course Mr Stoddart, school jannie ! Still remember my first day there in 1965, jeez close on half a century ago…


Yvonne Westgarth (Posted February 2013)

Just a quick note to all my old friends that went to Longstone with me – Mary Bennett, Sheena Fairgrieve, Liz Baldock,Alan Barton. I hope you are all well. I still live in Longstone as does Liz so I see her from time to time. I am still here at Longstone Primary – I have been working here for over 20 years!!!! Would love to hear from any of you.


Duncan McKendrick (posted Feb 2012)

I was born at 31 Redhall Place on 6 July 1955 and attended Longstone Primary from 1960, the headmaster was Mr Evans, the janitor was Mr Stoddart,I remember Mr Gibson,Miss Steel and most of my class,Tucker Horton,Geoff Hunter,Ackie Allan,Nodge Kilgallon,Tam Downie,Tom Burke who lived in the prefabs,Anne Harrison,Maureen Walters,Carol Dick,Dorothy Woodman,Pat Thomson,Avril Harrison,Katherine ?,Ian Park, Donald McKinnell,Dougie Bennett,Dale Newcombe whose dad had a pig farm,Lynn and Lorraine Anderson non-identical twins. Brian Ross,Malcolm Baldock, Persil Forsyth,Spam,Six Feet Newman,Keith Barbour,Marylin McNab,Billy McIntyre I remember Peter Burgess,the Tants who had a menagerie,Mr Malanek,The Slights,The Hortons Kenny Hood,The Merrilees,McKays,Mr Merrilees was a postman who had been a POW in Japan,Wards,The Andersons,Mr Craig,the Grandisons,Gaffs Roches,St Cuthberts, Stevie’s Pond, the Mousy Holeits all coming back. Anyway get in touch if you are or knew any of these people


Mary Bennett (Posted August 2011)

hi john, re 1960;s ex pupils, mary bennett here, amazing to hear those names again, my best friend was elizabeth baldock, yvonne crawford,maureen mcdonald, the weddel twins were david and elizabeth, they lived opposite the phone box at the top of the hill,mr stoddart the janitor i remember more than anybody else, always smiling!

Susan Williamson nee Knowles (Posted Oct 2010)

I attended Longstone Primary School between the years of 1962-1968. I have many fond memories of the school and its pupils. The classmates that I remember are as follows – Lorna Brown, Jane Munro, Eileen Doherty, Bruce Thomas, Turner Dove, Eric Reid, Ronnie Rodgers, Sandra Duff, Susan Grandison, Andrea Burns, Elaine Horton, Iain McDonald, Terry McIvor, Janice Wright, Jacqueline Pollock, Olive Watson, Shan Nish, Rosa Solodenko, George Hay, Keith Yuill. I lived in Redhall till I was 6 then the family moved to Slateford Road, then I travelled by bus to school every day. I remember playtimes, usually skipping to the “Nellie the Elephant tune”. If not skipping, I was playing “elastics” – or even “kissy chasie”, or playing “jacks” ……. happy days! I also remember school dinners – especially the swedish apple charlotte, it was delicious, but I absolutely hated tapioca, disgusting …. and the lumpy custard wasn’t great either! Gym was never my favourite thing, still not interested in fitness (although I should be)!! I remember having to wear the compulsory navy knickers. When I was in P7 I remember having to look after the P1s if it was raining at playtime, I enjoyed that. As for the teachers, I’m trying to remember their names – Miss (or Mrs) Steele comes to mind, Miss Nicholson, Miss Watson, I think there was a Mrs Cheyne (possibly sewing teacher). I think my P7 teacher was a Mr Cant, unfortunately I remember “getting the belt” from him. I wasn’t a bad pupil, I just liked to talk!

I could go on and on about the Longstone area as I had so much fun there playing with my friends. It would be great if any of the above names I mentioned get to read this, and maybe they will get in touch one day.

Hilda (Hey ) Worden

I lived in Longstone 1958-1962 then moved to



Pamela McDonald (Now Hague) I attended from 1961 to 1968. I just loved Longstone Primary. I had Miss Johnson as my teacher and whilst she was pretty fierce she was also fair. I was Captain of Juniper Green when they won after the big drought of not winning for about 12 years or so. I live in Australia now and my nieces go to Longstone school and I get very nostalgic when I see photos

John  Hi attended Longstone from about 1964 – 1971, can remember my first day Vividly I was kicking and screaming and hanging on to my mum did not really want to go. Think the teacher was Mrs Gunn she tore me away from my mum I never forgave her for that! In hindsight had a really good time there would love to hear from some of my old class mates. Fell in love with Susan Grindly in P2- who left to go the South Africa I think. Her brother David was in my sister’s class. The last teacher I had there was Miss Stewart. She left to marry some Iranian bloke. Can remember Mary Bennet, Carol Syme, Jane Hardie, Fiona Thompson Sheena Faigrieve, Alan Barton, Jimmy McDonald, Stuart Strong, Stuart Saddler, Raymond Warren & John Struth. There were a Twins in our class for a while, think there name was Waddel. If I remember correctly went to the qually with Sheena.


12 February 2012 21:35:20





4 thoughts on “Former Pupils 1960s”

  1. Yes, it was sad to learn about Graham Paterson who succumbed to ALS. Also Graham Callahan. I don’t know the cause of his death.We were related through the marriage of a
    relative of a relative.
    I found Christine Seater on Google. Her group is called This n’ That. Alan Wharton can be found there too. He plays with the Baffies. It was fun to read all the updates that former classmates shared. Keep it up!
    Well, I have to google to find out if I can freeze low fat milk.
    Best wishes to all.
    Liz (Hill) Thies

  2. My name is Stewart Porter formerly of 1 Redhall Place I went to Longstone Primary School 1966 to 1972 ish – now lived in Australia for the last 31 years – coming home got s holiday this Christmas for the first time in 20 plus years – some of my class mates were – Steve Corstorphine, Chrissy Cameron, Jetta Mears, Stuart Dennis

    1. Hey Stewart. My name is Brian Smith and I lived opposite you in Redhall Place (I lived at number 4). I went to Longstone primary in the early 60’s. I too moved to Australia, in 1971. Can’t believe I’ve been here nearly 50 years!!! My how time flies!

  3. Hi I’m Diane auld nee brown stayed at redhall .sister lorna.loved my time at live in America wood live a catch up tho coming next year

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