Former Pupils 1970s

On our previous website former pupils added comments about their time at school.  Some of them are very interesting and give us a flavour of how things were at Longstone in years gone by.

Wimena Slater

I went to longstone 1975-1980 and I miss lunch when we got 1 potato each

Christine Layden (nee Balloch)

Hi there out there if there is some one out there that can remember me from the late seventies i would like to hear from you

Paul Crawford

Just thought I would add a note to the school website.I used to go to Longstone 1969-1976.I now live in England(Slough). Would like to here from anybody from that time.E-mail is

Stewart Rodgers I went to Longstone Primary between 1970-1977 the headmaster was Mr Chappel does anybody remember other teachers

from these years on the whole, not a bad school.

Stephen Cairns

Hi everyone.
I left Longstone PS in 79 when we moved to Germany, the only classmate that i can remember was Atholl Hill my form teacher was Miss Maglauchlin (sorry for the spelling if it is wrong)my two other brothers went there as well Edward & Alan, post back a comment if you remember me