Senior Management Team

Headteacher: Mrs Angela Pearston

Depute Headteacher: Mrs Sonia Masson

Business Manager: Ms Viv Betts

Administrator : Mrs Yvonne Westgarth

Clerical Assistant: Mrs Jahanfar

Teaching staff

P1H Mrs Hyslop and Ms Summers            

P1M Mrs Mair

P2 Mr McHugh

P2/3 Ms Beaton

P3 Ms Alexander

P4R Mrs Robertson

P4M Ms McGovern

P5 Ms Cosgrove        

P5/6 Ms Campbell

P6 Ms Jamieson

P7 Ms Hubbard and Mrs Ross  

SfL Teacher: Mrs Lane

Nursery Teacher: Ms Brown

Outdoor Learning: Miss Reynolds

Science: Ms Kent

Support staff

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Ness, Mrs Rooney, Mrs Notman, Mrs Connor, Mrs Esentia, Miss McLaughlin, Mr Mills, Mrs Slotwinska

Nursery Staff 

Early Years Officer – Kirsty Simpson

Early Years Practitioners – Nina Fairley, Gill MacKenzie, Nicola Reilly, Katie Gilmour, Hazel Muir, Fiona Smith, Pamela Young

Early Years Trainee – Miss Baker

Service Support Officer  – Alan Elliott