Senior management team

Headteacher: Mrs Angela  Pearston

Depute Headteacher: Mrs Sonia Masson


Business Manager: Theresa Rendall

Secretary : Mrs Yvonne Westgarth

Teaching staff

P1H   Mrs Hyslop            

P1M   Mrs Mair

P2S Mrs Summers and Mrs Easton

P2J Miss Jamieson 

P3  Miss McGovern 

P3/4 Miss Copeland and Mrs Masson

P4 Mrs Hubbard

P5 Mrs Robertson            

P6  Miss McGill

P6/7 Mrs Masson

P7 Mrs Giebeler  

SfL Teacher Lorna Robertson

Nursery Teacher Mrs Anna Ross 

Outdoor Learning: Miss Reynolds

Physical Education: Miss Brown


Support staff

PSAs  -Carol Andrews,  Leanne Wisely, Sarah Cochrane, Margaret Conner, Linda High, Kim Notman, Jackie Ness, Irene Paul,  Denice Rooney, Bonnie Le Greca

Early Years Practitioner in Primary 1- Sylwia Slovinska

Nursery Staff –

Early Years Officer – Kirsty Simpson

Early Years Practitioners -Fiona Smith, Nina Fairley, Gill MacKenzie, , Linda Macdonald, Nicola Reilly, Katie Gilmour, Hazel Muir,

Early Years Assistants – Sabine Donnelly, Nicola Tait

Janitor  – John Rutherford.