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Teacher :- Ms Giebeler

Scottish Engineering Leaders Award

This week we are posting our entries for the 2018 Scottish Engineering Leaders Award. Here are some of our designs:

Lego Mindstorms  31 January 2018

Today we had a fantastic workshop in school: Lego Mindstorms Challenge! The workshop was provided by Generation Science, which is part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

All the Primary 7s were involved in a hands-on interactive workshop and learned how to programme their own robots. We used problem solving skills and new programming knowledge to complete a number of challenges, gradually getting more complicated. To celebrate our success, at the end of the workshop we programmed the robots to dance and took them to their very own disco!

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Here’s the video of the spectacular robot disco!


Maths Focus

We are keeping up with our counting and times tables practice and revising our understanding of number lines and how they can help us in different aspects of maths.

We are enjoying the weekly Big Maths Beat That challenges and looking forward to the next ones! They help us to know which bits of maths we need to work on and which bits we are already very good at.

Sumdog is very popular in P7 and we try to enter all the competitions. We are also able to use Sumdog as part of our maths homework.

All maths groups this term are working on fractions, from finding fractions of numbers to converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and we understand how this fits in to our other learning.


We are having some Big Writing Adventures in Primary 7 and are in the middle of Mission 1. The mystery of the lost buildings is certainly sparking our imagination and we are learning to use new vocabulary and analyse the style and structure of a formal report. This week we are writing a fictional story about items going missing at school!

Great Expectations is almost at an end and we were shocked to find out who Pip’s mysterious benefactor was. We have a reading homework menu just for Great Expectations and we can choose to do different tasks at different challenge levels from this grid. See our homework list for a downloadable copy of the grid.

Digital Learning

In IT we have been learning to code using Scratch. We have completed a few projects now, including a game. We can programme our sprites to move, speak and change their appearance. It’s great fun and we all enjoy Scratch!

We love using Padlet and Plickers for brainstorming ideas and for quizzes in class.

We also have some Digital Leaders in P7, who are involved in testing and using apps and teaching others in the school to use them. This week we are going to focus on the new ‘speech to text’ function in Book Creator, which some pupils have already been trying out in class.


As part of Safer Internet Day 2018 we collected our ideas about how to use social media in a positive way:


Topic : WWII

This term our topic is about World War II. We will be focusing on the Home Front, including: the blitz, evacuees, rationing and the home guard. We will also learn about the reasons for outbreak of war, significant battles and turning points, and the Allied and Axis powers. We have an exciting homework topic grid to choose different homework activities each week until Easter, a link to this is provided at the bottom of this page.


In French we have started to look at food and drinks and we will be learning some conversation that will help us to order food. We hope to be able to set up a French cafe and might even use our iPads and a new app to make a video of our Parisian experience – watch this space!

Junior Awards Scheme for Schools (JASS)

In school we are working on the My Interests section on a Thursday afternoon. We need to make sure that we log all the time spent in school and out of school for us to achieve our Silver Award this year. The other areas are:

  • Get Active, Stay Active
  • Adventure
  • Me and My World

We have a great idea for a whole-P7 activity for Me and My World and we will post more information soon.

Coming soon: Scottish Engineering Leaders Award 2018



Tree Planting 

On Tuesday 28th November we went to Dreghorn to plant lots and lots of trees for the Centenary Wood. We were there with people from the Woodland Trust and also lots of volunteers from Nationwide. We learned how to dig a hole, plant the sapling, then used mallets and other special tools to drive a wooden stake into the ground. We attached a long tube to the stake and made sure this covered the sapling. The tubes protect the young trees from harsh winds and being eaten by deer!

The walk up to the tree-planting area was uphill all the way, and we had an amazing view over Edinburgh and could even see the Forth. It was cold and sunny but all the hard work kept us warm.

Swim Safe at Aberdour, 14 September

Swim Safe was amazing, first we got into our wetsuits and then had some lessons on the beach about what to do if you fall in to open water. Then we went in the freexing sea water and learned how to float on our backs. We also learned the huddle  and help positions.

We went to Edinburgh College at Dalkeith to spend the day doing STEM workshops. It was great fun. We made model cars in the big workshop and raced them outside.There was an ‘egg drop’ activity where we tried to build a structure to protect an egg from breaking. We also experimented with electronic sensors and built a bridge from strips of card.

We have been working on our STEM workbook, which is full of exciting maths and engineering problems. We also looked up the Bloodhound SSC rocket powered car which is trying to break the workld land-speed record. We even got the school name on the fin – have a look at BLOODHOUNDSSC.

Coming soon:


Homework files for download!

Spelling words for week beginning 12 March

Reading-Homework-Takeaway Menu

Spelling grid 1 P7

Blooms Homework Grid WWII

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