Primary 7

Teacher :- Ms Giebeler

Our summer term got off to an exciting start with the preparations and casting for our Shakespeare Schools Foundation production of Macbeth! We are almost ready for our performance now and putting the final bits and pieces together such as props and costumes.


We are performing Macbeth at the Church Hill Theatre on the 9th November 2017. We have been working extremely hard on this play and everyone is very excited to perform it. Emma, our Lady Macbeth says that it’s very exciting, but also a little bit nerve wracking!

Up to 30,000 participants, more than 1,000 schools, 292 performances, 136 theatres…
The Shakespeare Schools Festival Box Office is NOW LIVE!

In just a short time, under the bright lights of a professional theatre, Primary 7 will take to the stage to tell one of Shakespeare’s most captivating stories.

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Join Longstone P7s in celebrating as they tread the boards in the world’s largest youth drama festival. Invite your family and friends, help us to make this a night to remember forever!

SSF quote

Henry V Act 2

Maths Focus

We are keeping up with our counting and times tables practice and we are also working on multiplying and dividing decimals and multiplication arrays.

We are enjoying the Big Maths Beat That challenges and looking forward to the next ones!


Some of our literacy has been focused on reading Macbeth, studying the characters and the language. In writing we have created biographies and written a very mysterious story called ‘Missing’. Last week we wrote omen poems about superstitious beliefs, we looked at how Shakespeare has used the idea of omens in different plays.

Digital Learning

In IT we have been learning to code using Scratch. We have completed a few projects now, including a game. We can programme our sprites to move, speak and change their appearance. It’s great fun and we all enjoy Scratch!

We love using Padlet and Plickers for brainstorming ideas and for quizzes in class.

We also have some Digital Leaders in P7, who are involved in testing and using apps and teaching others in the school to use them.

Topic : USA

We are learning about the 50 states of America. We are working in pairs to learn about a state and create a presentation to show to the rest of the class. We are looking at natural and man-made features, food and climate. We have been doing map work, labelling major cities and states.


Swim Safe at Aberdour, 14 September

Swim Safe was amazing, first we got into our wetsuits and then had some lessons on the beach about what to do if you fall in to open water. Then we went in the freexing sea water and learned how to float on our backs. We also learned the huddle  and help positions.

We went to Edinburgh College at Dalkeith to spend the day doing STEM workshops. It was great fun. We made model cars in the big workshop and raced them outside.There was an ‘egg drop’ activity where we tried to build a structure to protect an egg from breaking. We also experimented with electronic sensors and built a bridge from strips of card.

We have been working on our STEM workbook, which is full of exciting maths and engineering problems. We also looked up the Bloodhound SSC rocket powered car which is trying to break the workld land-speed record. We even got the school name on the fin – have a look at BLOODHOUNDSSC.

Coming soon:

Finally, we will be off to the Church Hill Theatre on November 9th for our dress rehearsal and evening performance.

Sumdog are visiting us on November 20th!


Homework for week beginning 02 October:

Yellow Group Spelling 301017

Red Group Spelling 301017


Reading Homework 30.10.17

Pegasus:         My Head teacher is a Vampire Rat! -Ch 3, 4 and 5
Andromeda:  Coraline – Chapters 9 and 10
Orion:             Desirable – Chapter 2
Perseus:         Taking the Cat’s Way Home – Chapter 2

Polaris:           Living with Vampires  – Chapter 2


Reading homework Grid 1

Spelling grid 1 P7

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