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Teacher :- Mrs Robertson

We are getting ready for a very busy Summer term for Primary 7. Our main project will be ‘The Scottish Parliament’ but we will also be developing an Enterprise project where P7 parents will have the chance to buy wooden signs made by the class.

Scottish Parliament Project

During our study, we will be looking at the work of the Scottish Parliament and the election process. We are also excited to be visiting the Parliament on Wednesday 3rd of May. So that we can understand more about elections in general, we will be preparing speeches for the election of our school P7 House Captains and Vice Captains.

Enterprise Project

Our enterprise project will see us produce, market and sell wooden plaques and signs. We will learn new practical skills that will help us to make something that parents will enjoy and will hopefully see as representing good value. P7 parents will have the chance to buy these so look out for our advert coming soon on our class webpage. More details will also be available from P7 pupils at the forthcoming Parent / Teacher appointments on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th April.

Summer Term Trips

In addition to the visit to the Scottish Parliament, P7 will also be out of school for a range of educational activities. These include

  • Tree Planting at the Dreghorn Memorial Woods
  • ‘World of Work’ sessions at Firrhill High School
  • Activity week in June
  • Transition visits to High School for three days in June

Among the other interesting activities for this busy term will be

  • the creation of a large art piece based on the Windows in the West painting by Scottish artist Avril Paton.
  • Continuing our science work on microbes with a focus on sneezing. Hankies at the ready!

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We have had great fun and excitement doing work on Microbes last term. We conducted an experiment to see how some microbes can be ‘helpful’ in making bread rise. Watch our video below which shows how quickly yeast acts when it has extra sugar added to provide energy.

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