Primary 7G

Teacher :- Ms Giebeler

We’re off to a great start in P7G this term, everyone’s back and full of enthusiasm. This term we are participating in the Shakespeare Schools Festival again and this time it’s a comedy – A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We’ll be performing at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh this year and tickets go on sale on September 10th. Watch this space for more updates coming soon!


We have started studying A Midsummer Night’s Dream so we know the story and understand the characters. We’ve been doing some drama too and also insulting each other using the Shakespearean Insult Generator, which was great fun! We looked at lots of words and phrases that Shakespeare invented that we still use today, for example heart of gold and in a pickle and have created Catch Phrase-style pictures to illustrate them.










Coming soon:


Homework files for download!