Primary 4

Teacher :- Ms Hubbard



Primary 4 have finished their weekly swimming lessons. It was wonderful to watch the progress made on a weekly basis and at the end of the course, everyone was awarded with a swimming certificate. Well done Primary 4!


Continuing on a watery theme, Primary 4 have been learning all about canals and water ways. We have learned about locks and went on a day trip to the Falkirk Wheel. We went for a ride on the boat and discovered lots of interesting facts. We found out that each gondola holds 500 000 litres of water and the wheel only uses the same power as you would use to boil 8 kettles!



We are learning to play handball in PE and hope to take part in a tournament with other primary schools in March. We had a break for a couple of weeks to experience some badminton taster sessions in the hall. The children practised all sorts of skills as well as playing badminton.


Primary 4 have been learning all about the internet and how to use browsers and search on line. We are learning about hyperlinks too and how to stay safe on line.

We were lucky to have a visit from the Sumdog developers last week. They came into our lesson and gave us advice and tips on how to get the most from Sumdog. Sumdog lessons continue to be lots of fun and a great way to practise maths skills.