Primary 4

Teacher :- Ms Hubbard

Primary 4 are delighted with their new classroom although we do have a few more stairs to climb!


Primary 4 have been learning about castles. We know why they were built and enjoyed re-enacting the Norman Invasion, using foam javelins as spears. We have looked at the different ways castles were defended and learnt about siege weapons used to attack them. We had a great time visiting Craigmillar Castle and saw some of the features we have been learning about.



In science we have been finding out about the characteristics of animals and how we can classify them into different groups. We learned about reptiles and Abbie brought her bearded dragons to school. We all had a hold and they were very gentle.


We have been enjoying our weekly swimming at WHEC and our PE lessons with our new PE teacher. Outdoor learning continues to be the highlight of our week!