Primary 2R

Teachers :- Monday  – Mrs Easton 

          Tuesday – Friday – Miss Russell

Current Project : -Journeys and Holidays

Highlights of The Term So Far

  • We’ve just started our Journeys and Holidays topic. We’ve got ourselves into class ‘families’ and soon we’re going to decide where each family is going to go on holiday. It’s very exciting!
  • Our class novel is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we’re really enjoying it!
  • We had a visit from a Grandpa and a Granny in February, as part of our work on our previous topic on what it was like when our parents and grandparents were like. We had lots and lots of questions to ask them about their lives when they were young!
  • As Spring is finally here, we’re busy making pretty art displays with daffodils and cherry blossom. Everything is getting brighter and lighter!


  • Lots more work on Journeys and Holidays. What holiday destinations will the class families choose, and what will be the reasons for their decisions? How will they travel there and what will they expect to find when they get there?!

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