Primary 3

Miss McGovern 

Topic – Romans

  Highlights so far

Seeing the Deer in the woods.

On Monday 27th November we visited Usher Hall to watch the Royal Scottish National Orchestra play a Heroes and Villains concert.

First we were introduced to the different groups that make up the orchestra. We have the strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. We like the brass section because they get to blow raspberries all day! We then practised the ‘three part applause’. We have to stamp our feet, clap our hands and cheer all at the same time.

Some pieces of music made us jump, and some relaxed us. We were amazed when the orchestra played along to a live game of Minecraft. When the player went though a different coloured door, the orchestra would play different music to match the world.

We learnt lots of new things. A leitmotif is music phrase belonging to a character, and it is played when the character comes on screen. When they played Darth Vader’s leitmotif he arrived at Usher Hall! Here is a compilation of photos and videos from the trip.