Primary 3/4

Miss Copeland and Mrs Masson


We have travelled back in time to Ancient Rome!

We have been creating mosaics, designing villas, dressing up in togas and tunics, and comparing life from then to now.


In Maths we have been learning about shape and number patterns.

We created our patterns with numbers, learning about odd and even numbers.

We have also created patterns with shapes, dance and materials we found in our forest. 


Eco friendly 

Our school is trying to earn our Green Flag Award. P3/4 have been thinking about ways to recycle materials that would normally be thrown away. We put on our creative hats and used the waste from sharpening a pencil to create interesting designs! To make sure that everyone receives a birthday card this year, everyone in the class made a card and these will be handed out as the year goes on. 

birthday cards