Primary 1H

Teacher :- Mrs Hyslop

Current Project : – Fairyland

Highlights of The Term So Far:

  • What a surprise we got when we came into school one Monday morning – the Dragon from Fairyland had been and left us a letter and a present!
  • He asked us for help to make a new Fairyland as everything in Fairyland had disappeared – he didn’t have a castle to protect and even Jack didn’t have a beanstalk anymore.
  • We have accepted the first challenge – to make Jack a new beanstalk and to read more Fairy Stories.
  • The Dragon left us a present of a lovely Fairy Story called The Frog Prince and even a clever toy that changes from the Prince into the Frog!


Look out for lots more Dragon challenges for Fairyland!   The Nursery are going to work with us too and help us to help the Dragon – they will get a taste of the kind of things they will be doing when they are in P1 next year!

We will try to be outside as often as possible for gym this term.  You may want to send in joggers for your child’s gym kit this term as well as shorts, and if they wear trainers to school they can wear these for outside gym sessions on the grass.  


Primary  1H Photo Album

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HEALTH WEEK 23rd May – 26th May

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