Primary 1 M

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Primary 1M

Teacher :- Mrs Mair

Current Project : Fairyland

Highlights of The Term So Far:

  • What a surprise we got when we came into school one Monday morning – the Dragon from Fairyland had been and left us a letter and a present!
  • He asked us for help to make a new Fairyland as everything in Fairyland had disappeared – he didn’t have a castle to protect and even Jack didn’t have a beanstalk anymore.
  • We have accepted the first challenge – to make Jack a new beanstalk and to read more Fairy Stories.
  • The Dragon left us a present of a lovely Fairy Story called The Frog Prince and even a clever toy that changes from the Prince into the Frog!




Thank goodness the weather wasn’t as bad as the forecast – a couple of wee showers but as you can see that didn’t stop us from having fun!!  What a great day digging, paddling and exploring. 🙂

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