Primary 1/2

Word Art 36

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Teacher :- Mrs Mair

Current Projects:


We are about to start learning about Toys from the past and comparing them to toys that we play with now.  If you have any old toys from your childhood (or even older!)  we would love to see them – please let us know if you are able to come in and share these with the P1 classes!


Our Science focus is also linked to our Toys project; we are looking at what toys are made of and how they move.


As well as continuing our SEAL numeracy, our “Beyond Numeracy” focus in term 3 is on MONEY and DATA HANDLING.  We have been investigating coins and have had fun sorting, rubbing and making things with coins.  We will be moving on to counting and adding coins as well as using the correct coins to buy things and working out what we can afford to buy with our money.  We are looking forward to our own class shop opening soon!

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Everyone is working hard to build up their sight vocabulary as well as continuing to practise word building with all the letter sounds we have learned.

Now that we have learned all 26 letters in the alphabet, we are moving on to see how we can put two letters together to make one new sound (sh, ch, th, wh)  We will then be moving on to making long vowels sounds (ai/ay, ee/ea, igh/y, oa/ow, oo/ew)

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Both P1 classes are enjoying learning through play.  We have lots of interesting tables and areas set up in the classrooms where we can go to investigate, make, build and learn.  It is sometimes about something new or it can extend our knowledge of something we have talked about in class.

We also have 2 Special group play times every week.  This term’s focus for Special Play is on weaving & sewing and then construction.  When we are left to explore these areas with our group we are showing amazing creativity and imagination!

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Burns Night – Thursday 25th January

February Holiday Week – school is closed Monday 12th Feb – Friday 16th Feb

Pupils return to school on Monday 19th February

END OF TERM – 2.50pm Thursday 29th March

Pupils return to school on TUESDAY 17th APRIL