Primary 1/2

Teacher :- Mrs Mair


Scottish Foods

P1/2 all enjoyed learning about traditional Scottish food and recipes – especially the tasting part! We were so pleased that lots of our family and friends could join us on St Andrews Day to see what we have been learning.



As well as continuing our SEAL numeracy, our “Beyond Numeracy” focus has been DATA HANDLING.  We have been recording information about our likes and dislikes of the Scottish foods in different ways.


Everyone is working hard to build up their sight vocabulary as well as continuing to practise word building with all the letter sounds we have learned.

Now that we have learned all 26 letters in the alphabet, we are moving on to see how we can put two letters together to make one new sound (sh, ch, th, wh)  We will then be moving on to making long vowels sounds (ai/ay, ee/ea, igh/y, oa/ow, oo/ew)


All P1/P1/2 and P2 classes are enjoying learning through play.  We have lots of interesting tables and areas set up in the classrooms where we can go to investigate, make, build and learn.  It is sometimes about something new or it can extend our knowledge of something we have talked about in class.


END OF TERM – 12 noon Friday 21st December

Pupils return to school on WEDNESDAY 9th January