Primary 5

Welcome to the P5 class page.

Teacher – Mrs Robertson

Current Project – India


Developing Imaginative Story Writing


Primary 5 have been creating their own dragon stories, inspired by the Sleeping Dragon, our Dragon’s Egg and our fascinating Dragonology book. Our book told us about all of the magical properties and secrets that dragons have.




Big Maths

Parents will have heard about how ‘Big Maths’ has been helping us to discover how numbers work. We have enjoyed the  interesting and fun activities that have helped us to really understand how to use and manipulate numbers. Some of the tools we use are very simple……..below,  you can see how pebbles have been arranged to consolidate learning of tables.




India Project

We’ve been studying many aspects of the geography of India and the lives of Indian people. We worked with partners to produce these maps that show the huge variety of landscape that this amazing country has.


After learning about the similarities and differences between Indian and Scottish schools, we recorded these on a Venn Diagram.  We were amazed at how freshly cooked food was delivered for lunches every day in Mumbai by the Dabbawalas. Maybe the Pupil Council could suggest that we all have fresh Indian food delivered at least one day every week instead of our usual school dinners!



Art in our School Woodland

In term 1, Primary 5 have taken a keen interest in the plants, trees and animals that live in our school woodland. We have been so lucky to see a variety of animals but we were especially delighted to see the ‘Longstone Deer’ close up. We used the woodland as a feature of a study we did on the work of the famous British artist David Hockney. We learned how he used an i-pad to ‘paint’ the woodland around his house in Yorkshire and we tried to make pictures of our own. We experimented with the Sketches app on the i-pad to create our first pictures. Just like Hockney, we will redo our ‘paintings’ regularly throughout the year so that we can see how the woodland changes over time. Here are our first attempts, capturing late Summer, alongside real photographs of the scenes.