Primary 5

Welcome to the P5 class page.

Teacher – Mrs Robertson

Current Project – Old Edinburgh

Our Monkey Puzzle Success Story

Some months ago, Mrs Robertson was given some Monkey Puzzle seeds by her friend and she brought them into school to show us. Seeds are not easy to come by as they are not produced until the tree is about 30 to 40 years old. We thought that we would like to learn more about Monkey Puzzles and try to grow one. We found out that they are often difficult to grow but have a look below to see how we managed.



It took around two months for anything to happen at all but eventually we were delighted to see that one seed had germinated. In the final week before the Easter break, we noticed that the other two seeds had begun to sprout. We are taking great care of them and hope that they can be planted out and grow into mature trees. We are measuring their progress weekly to check that they are still growing. Did you know that the oldest Monkey Puzzle tree in the world is in Chile, where they originally come from, and it is around 1800 years old!


What we are doing in French?

Les objets de la classeIMG_0338

We have been extending our vocabulary by learning the words for everyday classroom objects. Parents can help to reinforce the knowledge of these words by challenging their children to name the objects.


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

One of the class reading groups has just begun reading and studying the children’s classic, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C.S.Lewis. When we work with a ‘reading book’, we do more than just read the words and enjoy the story. We look at plot, character and what the story does to help children understand real life. We ask children to develop skills such as prediction and to give opinions that are backed up by evidence from the text. In some ways, it is like a Junior Book Group!



Art in P5

We recently looked at how line and colour can be used to create certain effects, including optical illusions. Here are some simple drawings that we did. We think that they look like pencil points, even though that wasn’t what we were trying to draw.