Cross Country Success!

On the 4th of March, Longstone pupils from P6 and P7 went to a city wide cross country competition and did exceptionally well! They gained several medals and a couple of 1st places!

The team had to run just over 1 kilometer of the Meadows and were exhausted when they reached the finsh line. They had to run through a lot of mud and puddles to complete the course. Luckily nobody fell over!

Both Bruno and Marnie from P7H walked away with a 1st place certificate. Coming just behind Marnie was Bella in 2nd place, Niamh in 3rd place and Zarah in 5th place! Well done girls! Also Emile, Ava and Sonny acheived a medal.

Unfortunately, only the top 5 people from P6 girls, P6 boys, P7 girls and P7 boys are allowed to participate in the next race later on in March. Here are the names of the people that will be at the race at Inverleith Park.


Ava                                Sonny                                  Marnie                           Bruno

Lauren                         Keiran                                  Bella                               Emile

Megan                          Nathan                                 Niamh                            Alfie

Mia                                Finlay                                   Zarah                             Lewis

Alicia                             Josh                                      Ashley                            Jackson


Well Done Team!

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