Pupils and staff have had a great Christmas season.   Longstone Christmas fair started the fun.  Thank you to PALs for organising everything and thank you to everyone who came along. Pupils made decorations and decorated the hall Christmas tree.  There have been parties happening, lots of Christmas activities and lots of fun. A pantomime company  performed Sleeping Beauty, and entertained both pupils and staff and had everyone laughing.  Nice dance moves Mr Hawkey and Miss McGill!!Christmas Fair (19)

Christmas Tree

Christmas has arrived at Longstone Primary! Every class made decorations and 3 or 4 from each class were chosen to go on our brilliant Christmas Tree. We had a Christmas Tree service and the whole school came while the decorations were put on the tree then the lights were switched on.IMG_3623[1].

P1 and P2 Nativity

On the 12th of December our brave primary 1s and 2s performed a wonderful nativity in front of lots of mums and dads in the school hall. Our primary 2 choir were singing beautifully in the backround while primary 1 acted out It’s A Baby. There were brilliant props and costumes for the children to use and wear. Lots of effort was put into this Nativity play and it showed.

Avah wins Edinburgh Council Christmas card competiiton

This year P5 entered a Christmas card competition and they all looked amazing . The entries were sent off to the Council and they chose a winner.  It was Avah and you can see her wonderful penguin design on bus stops all over the city. Avah and her family were invited to the city chambers to get her photograph taken at the bus shelter with her Christmas card in the background .