Our p7s have been rehearsing for a very special performance. They will soon be performing Macbeth at the Churchill theatre! They have been practicing each scene and making sure they’re perfect before the big performance. They have found it quite stressful as they have been practicing nearly every day. The thing they like the most is acting and to just have the glory of being on stage. The p7s have been working very hard and cant wait for their final performance!

tragic-flaw-in-macbeth-hamartia-2-638 (1)
P7s have been rehearsing for Macbeth

Longstone Deer

Our friendly deer
In our woods we have some rather unexpected visitors! We have Deer! We have a baby deer, a mummy deer and a daddy deer! In outdoor learning we have been spotting the deer a lot. Don’t worry we are very kind to the deer and we let it go about its everyday life, but if it comes near us we don’t chase it we stand still and let it go past. Remember if you spot the deer near you, you will not chase it, stand still and don’t shout! Overall we love our deer so much and are privileged to have them as our guests.

Maths Week

September 11- 15th was Maths Week at Longstone and pupils were involved in doing lots of problem solving tasks.  It was interesting to see how many different ways of doing a task there were with some pupils being very inventive indeed. At the assembly on Friday 15th, classes shared what they had been doing and it was extremely interesting.  We had everything from marshmallow and cocktail cubes to emoji suduko!