Health Week

The 23rd to the 26th of May was Health Week.  During Health Week there were lots of fun activities. Every morning we started of with our P7s leading Wake up – Shake Up they really got us on our toes. On Tuesday and Wednesday  many classes did taekwondo. On Wednesday P5 and P5/6 went to Nuffield Health. On Thursday the whole school was dancing with each class going for lessons with Simon Says Dance. Throughout the week pupils were learning about healthy living in their class lessons.  Pupils were running a mile every day, there were healthy tuck shops each day and Primary 1 made delicious smoothies.

Apple Store

On the Friday, the 19th of May, Mrs Robestson and her Friday club visited the Apple store in Princess street.

When they got there they all made paper aeroplanes to fly across the store. They recorded them flying in slow motion so they could measure the distance using an app.

They had lots of fun and recieved a free USB wristband.

Nursery Update


After so many years at Longstone, our nursery building has been getting a bit old and needs replaced.

Work began in 2016, when our old after school club building was demolished along with poor Jeff the jacket potato ( a sculpture made by the after school club).

Since the Easter holidays, our new nursery has been getting along stupendously well and a whole new building has appeared out of nowhere.  The new nursery should be ready for after the summer holidays!

We are very excited about this new build and a very big thanks to our amazing builders!

Standard Life

On Wednesday the 3rd of May people from Standard Life came to help us in our woods. They worked with P6 and P7 pupils. They helped us camouflage our container and paid for bark for a pathway. They did a great job of clearing the nettles and making a pathway. Thank you very much Standard Life!