P6/7 Athletics Competition

P6 and P7  Athletics competition at Meadowbank

Late last year there was an athletics competition, which Longtone Primary came second in! They were able to go to the finals in January competing against eight other schools, everybody did their very best and really enjoyed it. There were track and field events such as  1+1, 2+2 and  6+6 relay races, together with  standing long jump, javelin and speed bounce and several others.All though we didn’t win, we tried really hard.

Christina from P6 said, “It was really exciting and a great experience!☺”

Burns Supper

On the 26th of January Longstone Primary School had their annual Burn’s Supper. There was dancing to Thunderdog. There were poems recited by our wonderful winners. Then everybody was called up for supper. Thank you Thunderdog for making a spectacular night! Everyone had a great time. Be sure to watch our video of Louise and Caryn reciting A Dug, A Dug.