Nativity Play


Our Primary one pupils put on an excellent nativity called It’s a Party. The Primary 2 pupils sang in the choir to accompany the play on stage.  Parents and pupils who watched were amazed at how talented our young pupils are . Many commented on the super loud voices of the cast.

Scottish Cup Tour

Hibs Persevere Roadshow

Hibernian Football Club brought the Scottish Cup to Longstone to show to all the pupils.  They had a very important message for pupils……Persevere, don’t give up and great things might happen.

Pupils had a chance to have photos taken with The Scottish Cup and these can be seen on the Hibs Website.  Click here to view them

Christmas Fair

On the 8th of December the famous longstone Primary Christmas fair was on! There were loads of great things on the stalls. There was a tombola and raffle. The primary sevens were also making money by painting nails, doing face paints and tattoos.  Everyone was excited to see Santa.


Primary 5 and Primary 5/6 were selling German Christmas decorations. The amount of money that primary 5 and 5/6 raised was unbelievable, they raised £104 and all of it will go to a charity called ” Scottish Love in Action.” For the people in India.